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Making A Difference

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SUPPORTING YOU - The latest estimates from the Family Resources Survey show that 14.6 million people in the UK had a disability in the 2020/21 financial year. This represents 22% of the total population.


Many severely disabled couples live off of just £14 a day based on Employment Support Allowance. This figure includes paying for heating and lighting, plus a council tax reduction element leaving a possible shortfall.


We provide support, signposting and grants for restorative breaks away, activities for those who have a life-limiting condition. Please get in contact to find out how we might help you.

THE ARMED FORCES - We provide an Armed Forces support service, offering confidential, bespoke, individual information, advice and signposting for the armed forces community, whether you are still serving a family member, a carer, ex-services, a veteran or a reservist. As a person serving in the military, life can change dramatically if you become a carer or when you or a family member diagnosed with a life-changing illness or disability. Or looking after someone who has returned from combat, emotionally or physically wounded, or perhaps a military spouse caring for a sick or disabled child on your own when your partner is away on service. We are here to help you.


Please contact us to find out more.


The Haigh Foundation signed the Armed Forces Covenant in 2021 to show our commitment to the armed forces community and their carers and young carers.

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BLUE LIGHT PROGRAMME - Our Blue Light Programme is here for everyone in the Blue Light services: Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance to NHS Staff, volunteers.


Many in our emergency services suffer from stress, PTSD, whilst they work very long hours. Many feel undervalued and discouraged. Please get in touch for support.


We are currently donating positivity candles. If you know of someone who might like to receive one, please contact us to nominate someone and we will do our best to send a candle, funds permitting.


If you would like to support our campaign, please donate here.

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